God’s peace

Dear Church

Last Sunday, Rev. Wong Kim Kong, ex- Secretary General of NECF who will be shared a timely word for our troubled times in our nation, drawing from his rich experience as a national Christian leader. 

This Sunday, Rev. George Ong from Singapore will be preaching. He has just conducted an amazing Unveiling Glory “Cat & Dog”
theology seminar with our church for the last two days. We learned to be faithful Christians and put God first in our lives.

Against Violence

Crime seems to be on the rise. A few weeks ago, brazen thieves broke into Minister KJ’s office and last week, a Tan Sri undergoing a medical check up at a clinic in Cheras shot dead a parang-wielding man who had tried to slash him during a botched robbery attempt. Two other armed accomplices are still at large.

Let’s pray for God’s Psalm 91 protection to be upon us all.

Blessings always,

Joshua Lee