Double Down

Last Sunday, Ps David spoke a wonderful message on Serving God. The take-home message was “we cannot love God without serving Him”.

This Sunday, don’t miss our up-and-coming preacher bro. Jim Wu. Jim is under our church ministry mentoring program in collaboration with BCM where he is pursuing M.Div. He is currently interned under a Field Education program. Tomorrow he will preach on a very relevant core Christian Living topic “Where is your treasure?”. Why is Christ is our greatest treasure? How can we live a life that makes God our treasure?

Double Down In Prayer

The populist 2018 Budget was announced yesterday at RM282.3 billion, the biggest federal budget in history. It is a sign that the next General Election is coming, so we must double down in prayer. Much of the church prays as quickly as the ‘microwave oven’ i.e. we stop after a few “travailing” minutes! But we need more tenacity, zeal, and resoluteness in prayer.

We must refuse to come off the wall. We must get louder and longer with prayers as the darkness tries to intensify. Set your face like flint, and tell the devil, “I am not budging!”

We shall then see the breakthrough in our country.

May Your Day Be Blessed (1) 

May your day be blessed
by moments of quietness,
light in your darkness,
strength in your weakness,
grace in your meekness,
joy in your gladness,
peace in your stillness.
May your day be blessed

Warm regards,



1. John Birch