Chapter Fourteen by Lim Yoke Ha

God’s hand of protection will be upon us if we are doing kingdom works. Though we may encounter dangers to our lives, God will send His guardian angels around us and deliver us from dangers/ harm  if our earthly assignment is not finished. When Paul and Barnabas were stoned by the Jews at Iconium, Lystra and Derbe,they escaped unharmed and accomplished their mission- many Jews and Gentiles believed and churches were established and elders were appointed.In addition, God’s presence was with them because many signs and wonders accompanied the preaching of the Word.

Chapter Fourteen by May Wong

This chapter we get to know Barnabas and Saul first missionary. God uses them mightily to preach wherever they are, and the Bible did not mention them complaining. We serve in church for so long and complain many times about many things. I cannot imagine if God asks me to go out for mission and there are persecutions everywhere I go just like Barnabas and Saul went through, will I take the call and persevere till the end?

Prayer: Dear God, teach me to obey your command and see your kingdom come, help me to be bold to answer your calling for me. Amen.