Running Man: Merdeka Edition

2016 Welcome Party

Welcome Party is LifeXtreme’s annual event to launch the new year, welcoming returning students & new ones to join the youth ministry. To RSVP, click here.

No Regrets

At first, I was reluctant to go for this camp, known as Chosen held at OUTBAC BROGA, organized by LifeXtreme. I was finding lots of excuses for myself. I finally asked my mum if I could go, but deep down in my gut I was hoping that she would have said no. To my disappointment, she encouraged me to go for the camp. Everything was packed last minute. I was not excited at all and had the lowest expectations for it.

Arrived at the OUTBAC BROGA, I was filled with regret, but as soon as the first camp activity began, all my regrets were forgotten. The activities planned were tiring but fun and it really bonded everyone together. It brings me joy to say that everyone stepped out of their comfort zone and tried the activities. These activities were a bit different as we needed to get down and dirty (except for me as I was excused for all the mud activities, but I wished I could have joined my team and done all of the activities that I have missed out on). It was cool to see everyone work together as a team and help each other out especially for climbing over the wall challenge. Before the camp, we were not this close. In fact, I only met them once a week for church before this, and even if we did meet it would only have been for a few hours. It feels nice that everyone could just gel with each other so quickly. To top that of, each time during our meal and free time sessions everyone would mingle with each other even with the new comer, Howard.

When it came down to the preaching sessions, well that was when I found out something about myself. I always have a strong faith in God, but my fire to fight with Him runs low. Before the camp, I honestly did not know that. I always thought that I have so much drive in me. As the pastor preached, I slowly realised that I had lost it years ago. Fortunately, after every service, I slowly gained it back. Well, I guess God used this camp to help me find it back. Not only that, I have always told myself that I want to be more involved at church, but when the opportunities came I would always turn them down. In this camp I took a leap of faith by becoming one of the game masters for the icebreaking session. I really did enjoy it.

A few years ago, I remember attending a conference, the M4J. During the night worship, I felt something and I think that it may be the presence of God or at least the Holy Spirit. From that day onwards, I kept wishing to feel that way again like I did during that worship. Guess what? I felt it again at the camp. Everyone was so devoted to worship Him and the atmosphere was so different compared to the regular Sunday church services.

For my first ever Youth Camp experience, I will give it a 9/10 (one point missing because I couldn’t try the mud activities) and I am glad that I have spent it with the amazing LifeXtreme people. This camp definitely brought me closer to each and everyone one of the campers. I’m definitely looking forward for the next camp and I hope to see YOU (the person who is reading this) at the next camp! DON’T WORRY, WE DON’T BITE.

From Ninja to Missionary

Hi. Before I went to the camp, I was very quiet. Like literally, if I sit on the sofa, no one will notice me being there…. *ninja mode* Hehe just joking. I wasn’t aware that I was really quiet but that’s what my friends told me haha.

But after the camp ends, I was really loud, shouting here and there, like I am selling fish in the market. Bold and fearless. Oooh those flattery words~ But strangely right after the camp on that night itself I really felt that change, like never before, I was able to speak to a small crowd (with the microphone) without fear even though it was impromptu. It was weirdest thing that my first line of my mini testimony was a really lame-not funny-weird joke, and that small crowd I spoke to were laughing. Everyone thought I have changed, and I can talk better? Actually, nope. It’s just that the words in my mind travelled into my mouth like a lightning speed without any resistance, that’s why I talked more. God really removed my fear of public speaking within that 4 days, which is weird cause the four years in school I was trained for public speaking yet I never managed to remove my fear even until the last day of school but that camp itself really changed me.

Comparing with the start and the end, isn’t it a really big difference?

Camp was fun. In terms of muddy waters and road, many flying mosquitoes, mud on your shoes or socks, being a commando, or campers-were-trying-to-help-by-cheering-for-me-but-I-can’t-concentrate-and-fall-into-mud-water haha(good try “cheerleaders” :P ), hot sun, hot weather, no hot water during shower-> it was not. When all your friends smiley faces are there, worship team, games that doesn’t involve mud water :P -> it was fun. So I actually don’t mind going through those hardship if they are there hehe. I quite like games that were made by the facilitators and church youth leaders because when your other teams are getting in front of your team, the more we need to gather our team spirit to move on and catch up to others. Or seeing other teams were left behind AHAHa :P

The guardian angel program was interesting because either you receive and giving free food everyday ,or angels giving the sheep nothing. Lol. But in my opinion it’s testing the angel’s observation whether they are giving appropriate gifts to the mortal in a right time, not too little or too much. :)

Youth worship team was really awesome . I really felt the strong presence of God during worship time, and it really moved the hearts in our soul. I cried once even though I don’t know the reason, but to me it was a sign that God was really really near to us. I was really happy and felt so blessed like never before. I still remember the awe-struck face made by others when suddenly the people next to them cried, even though it’s just singing.

I loved how pastor’s noticeable extra-mile of hardwork, which it is an attitude that is beautifully admirable and no doubt, he will be really richly rewarded by his sincerity. He is a great fu-chow preacher , little jokes or his bright warming smile really brightened the hearts around him. He is an awesome old man filled with youth!! :D His preaching and his voice really shows him being a holy man, set apart by the rest of the common world , just being one of the chosen one that is changing the world that weren’t chosen before to be chosen once again.

I have nothing to say anymore because this is what I felt before, during and after the camp. But those little thoughts and feelings will be remembered throughout my whole life, and learned that my identity is a missionary for my entire life whenever where I go. :)

Stay connected to God. Unified of 3000kbps.
(Sorry for all the grammatical errors or any mistakes you found. Anything that doesn’t make sense to you it’s not your problem cuz sometimes I don’t know what I am talking about haha. :P
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The end. :)


Youth Camp 2014

I am pleased to inform you that we’ll be having our youth camp once again this year!! Details as below:-
Date: 28 – 31 December 2014 (4 days 3 nights)
Location: Outbac Broga
Guest Speaker: Pastor Ronnie Ding, The Vineyard Church
Camp fee: RM250
Allow me to share my excitement with you all regarding this upcoming youth camp.

1. Youth Camp Again!!
Youth camps are always great for creating momentum for the goals & vision of the ministry – firstly because we are soaked in God’s word & God’s presence for full 4 days, and secondly, because the youths get to know & appreciate one another more, and unity is essential for the mission of the church. If your teenage child hasn’t ever attended our youth meetings, this is a great opportunity to dive right in & be part of LifeXtreme. For testimonies from last year’s youth camp, please visit this link-
2. Great camp speaker
Pastor Ronnie Ding is a legend in the Malaysia youth ministry scene. He has been serving Vineyard Church as a youth pastor for more than 20 years – my wife’s first ever youth camp was with his youth group. Although he recently has moved into his Associate Pastor role, he is still overseer of the youth ministry, and still very much involved with Youth Alive Malaysia, AG’s youth department. Faithful, humble, kind, gentle, wise – he is one of my favourite human beings ever, and I am so pleased that he & his wife will be ministering to us.
3. Great campsite
Although Cameron Highlands was our first choice, Outbac Broga is a great camp site for youths. For those of you who have attended our Family Day 2013, you would have been there & can testify to this: this campsite is great for team building activities. Apart from great preaching, we will have games & challenges that would bring our young people into a strong unity than before.
We seek your partnership in prayer. Thank you.

On A Mission

Here’s an excerpt from a recent sermon I preached at youth service, reminding the youths about our goals in LifeXtreme:

“So we’re on this two pronged journey now in LifeXtreme – we’re aiming to complete our Multiply series by December, and we’ll also be having youth services like this, where I will preach on #weirdyouths in the bible. The goal is the same as when we started Multiply at the beginning of the year – we want to release disciple-makers. Our strategy is simple – P.M.R – preach the gospel, make disciples, release ministers to repeat that strategy. This is not a babysitting job for me, nor is this a play-thing for me to re-live my youth – I’m on a mission to raise up an army of young people whose sole purpose is to live for the glory of God.

1 Timothy 4:12 – 16 12 Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. 13 Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching. 14 Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you.15 Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress. 16 Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers.

Let me start by saying that you are on a mission. Your mission: Save Lives, unto the glory of God. This mission is not on hold until you turn 18, or when you start working, or fulfill your dreams. Your orders have been delivered, and the mission doesn’t start / stop based on your timeline. You are on a mission – to save yourself and your hearers. You may not be specifically charged with a duty to take care of a church, like Timothy, but you’re called to be disciple-maker: to preach the gospel, call people to repent from sin & trust in Jesus, and teach them to obey Jesus.”

Multiply Begins

Where Are We Now?
This year, we will have a slight change in format for our LifeXtreme gatherings. For the past 3 years, we have used the classroom format – with ice breakers, singing, and then you’ll be listening to me preach. We will still do this once a month. But for the other 2 Sundays we get together, we will use the coffee table format. Or the pillow talk format. Or the discipleship group format. For that, we’ll be using Multiply. The discipleship group format is where we’ll gather in Atmosphere, have a group ice breaker together, and then break down the crowd into small groups. Depending on the amount of leaders available to us, we will try to break into as many small groups as possible – where youths will receive direct teaching, and ask necessary questions obtain full understanding of their faith.

We have several reasons for this change:

1. We want every youth to be personally disciple by a spiritual leader.

There are limitations to the classroom format that can be overcome by breaking into discipleship groups – you get to ask as many questions as possible; you can share your personal struggles & gain support for them; the communication of God’s word can be customized for you, so that you can understand fully & apply immediately into your life.

2. We want to train youths up to be a spiritual leader / disciple maker.

We want to give youths the confidence that at their age, they too can (and must) obey Jesus’ command to make disciples. Even if someone have just joined LifeXtreme this year, whatever he / she has learned from parents & Sunday School is good enough to be poured out to others. And we would like to model it for the youths – to disciple them, so that they know how to do it for others.

3. We want to build a disciple-making culture in our church.

We are ambitious. This isn’t just for LifeXtreme – we want New Life to be a church that makes disciples who will make more disciples. We want this practice to be normal, not extreme, or special, but normal – because it is what the bible calls us to. We hope that this attempt will set up a strong foundation for the church to build on in our efforts to fulfilling the Great Commission.

How You Can Get Involved

a. Pray – Keep us in prayer. We’re meeting bi-weekly, so it’ll take about a year to complete this material. Pray for perseverance, for both participants & leaders when we feel tired & bored; for joy, as we open up our bibles & learn more about Jesus; for love, as we fellowship with one another & share our lives authentically.

b. Join us – If you’re a youth, don’t skip LifeXtreme for yet another year. This is a wonderful opportunity to drive into God’s word & get a good grip on the Christian faith. Don’t worry about making friends – perseverance breaks all awkwardness soon enough. Don’t worry about catching up – we can make arrangements for catch-up sessions.

To the praise of the glory of His grace,


Stronger As One

Praise God for all the good work He has done among the youths in our recent W.A.O (We Are One) Camp!! Our hearts are full of gratitude towards God’s perfect timing & special workings in LifeXtreme. Deciding on the youth camp was really a step of faith – due to the school holidays, we weren’t sure if many families would want their youths away on a camp. But with less than a month’s time, we were persuaded to trust God & make the youth camp happen anyways. Although the numbers were little, there was a sense of excitement in the air, believing that God will move in a special way – and surely, He did not disappoint.

Testimonies after testimonies have been coming in, glorifying God & His works. We want you to read them, with the hope of stirring up faith in God & thankfulness for His faithfulness towards our church. Click on the photos below, & you’ll be taken to LifeXtreme’s Official Facebook page to read individual testimonies.




LifeXtreme’s Back To School 2013 has come to an end. What a journey it has been!! Thank you for the constant support from all parents & the pastors!! Apart from learning great truths from the bible, we have also deepen the fellowship & love between one another. Through new challenges, we have uncovered the great potential in many of the participants – and we are believing for God to bring all His good work into completion. Glory to God!!

What is in stored for LifeXtreme from April to June? Come join us & find out for yourselves!! Our first session of the new series begins 14 April.

Happy Faces