Rev Dr Johan Westhuysen | 14 August

Rev Johan responded to the call of world evangelism in year 2001, having ministered in the UK, Netherlands, France, India, Nepal, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, and South Africa. They are presently ministering under the umbrella of the South African Assemblies of God and they are both members of the South African Association of Evangelists. They have three sons and two daughters. Visit for more information.

Rev Dr Johan Westhuysen will be our guest speaker on August 14.


Pr David Chan had been an Assistant Pastor for 14 years and later for 2 years as an Associate Pastor in Trinity Community Centre, an Assembly of God church in Malaysia. In these 16 years, he had been a witness and partaker of the nine spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit that manifested in the church with supernatural signs and wonders and miraculous healings and deliverances.

Since October 2006, he has been an itinerant preacher based in Glad Tidings, PJ with a vision to see God’s church mobilized under the fivefold ministry plan as espoused in Ephesians 4:11-12, equipping the saints for the great end-time harvest. He preaches the Word of God passionately operating in the gifts of the word of wisdom and knowledge and gifts of healings as the Lord would administer through the Holy Spirit.

He has been to various countries like India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal preaching the Word of God. He has spoken in family church camps, youth camps, conducted leadership seminars, pastors conferences and helped pioneer a church in Kuching.

He is married to Marina and has 3 daughters.

Pastor David Chan will be our guest speaker on July 24.