Dear Church

Once upon a time in a little home of a village in Lanarkshire, Scotland, a family arose early to bid farewell to a son. After a frugal meal of porridge and bread a young man named David read the 121st Psalm, offered a prayer, and trudged over a muddy road to Glasgow, where he took ship for Africa to become of the greatest missionaries the world has ever seen.

Born March 19, 1813, Livingstone had to work in a cotton mill as a young boy. Yet through night school and hard work, he eventually made his way through medical school. He was inspired by some of the stories he’d heard of missionaries in Asia, and decided he to become one.

Livingstone set out to Africa, where he would spend the the next 30 years of his life. He was often the first European to meet a new tribe and was the first to explore many of the areas of Africa. He gained the trust of the tribes by providing his medical services and became very well known among the tribes.

He died May 1, 1873 in Chitambo’s village. His heart was buried under a mpundu tree, because the tribesmen believed Livingstone’s heart always belonged to Africa. There is now a monument there to Livingstone in the village.

The natives of the village carried his body 1,200 miles over river and mountain and through jungles to the coast of Africa, then brought by boat to England where he was buried at Westminster Abbey, on April 18, 1874.

And so it was that David Livingstone was buried in two places at once.

May we be inspired to follow in the footsteps of this great man of God.

Yours faithfully

Joshua Lee